Caterpillar CAT Replacement Parts

Caterpillar (or CAT) is one of the most well-known manufacturers of construction and mining equipment around the world. They are highly lauded for their impressive track record of innovative and highly efficient machines that literally shape the ground beneath them.

In Australia, where mining is one of the strongest industries, the Caterpillar brand is extremely popular since their machines are built for heavy ground work. Their equipment ranges from diesel and natural gas engines to industrial gas turbines and many more.

If you’re considering getting Caterpillar spare parts for your projects, source from Australia’s number one supplier and manufacturer of aftermarket Caterpillar replacement parts. At Engineered Precision Machining, we are committed to complete innovation for all the aftermarket parts we supply.

We work closely with our clients to reverse engineer and manufacture customised Caterpillar parts. There are several advantages to using customised equipment, especially if the industry you are in has very demanding work, such as civil, earthmoving and mining.

One of the things we’re proud of is that the reverse engineered parts we supply are highly configurable and can be customised to suit the specific needs of whatever industry you operate in. This means that if you’re looking for spare parts for your Caterpillar equipment, but want to have it tweaked a little, we are able to do it and make sure it still works.

Additionally, the Caterpillar replacement parts that we reverse engineer and supply are even more durable than the original, and cost up to 50% less. When you source aftermarket parts from us, you won’t just be getting a great deal, you will get stronger and more capable parts for even the most demanding jobs.

Engineered Precision Machining is the name you can trust for high quality and competitively priced aftermarket Caterpillar spare parts. Whether you need it for civil, mining or any other industry, we could be the machining solutions destination for you.

View a sample of our re-engineered parts below. You may also download our Caterpillar aftermarket spare parts list or contact us directly for more information.