Atlas Copco Spare Parts

Engineered Precision Machining has been supplying Australia with quality spare parts for over three decades. As one of the country’s most respected manufacturer, you can expect greater durability from all of our products – even greater than the original, and readily stocked for quick dispatch.

We are one of Australia’s premier manufacturers and supplier of aftermarket Atlas Copco spare parts. Atlas Copco is widely known in the industry for underground jumbo drill rigs, which are often used by some of the more demanding customers in the mining industry.

They hold sustainability in very high regard, and this is highly evident in all the parts we supply. When you buy aftermarket Atlas Copco parts from us, what you’ll be getting is quality and sustainable parts optimised for greater operational efficiency.

At Engineered Precision Machining, our promise to customers is that we will deliver high quality spares and aftermarket parts for your machines. Our commitment to innovation also extends to working with you or our other clients to re-engineer and manufacture customised equipment spares that match the original items perfectly.

Our experience in the industry even allows us to re-create spares and other parts that boast an even greater durability than the original. Even better, our selection of spares and aftermarket parts cost up to 50% less than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Re-engineered parts are actually more appropriate in certain industries—such as mining—than the original parts. This is due to the fact that the re-engineered part itself is often modified to suit your operational needs.

The re-engineered spare part is, essentially, a more flexible version of the original. If your site demands more specialised parts, Engineered Precision Machining can provide you with reconfigured and re-engineered parts that are better suited to your operational needs.

We readily stock aftermarket Atlas Copco spare parts for underground mining equipment. View a sample of our parts below. You may also download our Atlas Copco spare parts list or contact us for more information.