Mining Australia: Advantages of Reverse Engineering

Preventing and reducing breakdown times is paramount for any industry. An Australian mine site alone can lose up to $600,000 a day in production time. If you’re looking at options to keep costs down, without compromising quality on your machines wear parts, then aftermarket parts may be for you.

Mining contractors are increasingly placing higher demand on greater productivity at lower costs. Although some maintenance crews may be hesitant in veering away from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) there are several advantages of buying reverse engineered replacement parts.

Let’s discover just three advantages of reverse engineering to prevent costly and timely breakdowns.

1. Strength & Durability

Are your current parts wearing out too quickly? Are they made from more than one piece of material and welded together? As part of the reverse engineering process, EPM’s expert team can walk you through the options to manufacture a component that is more durable and suited to your operational needs. Options include:

  • An improvement on material to increase longevity
  • Manufacture the part from one piece of material (no weld)
  • Harden the material with specialised heat treatment

2. Customised Modifications to Suit Your Operations

Your OEM part may have served you well for several years, but what if your operational needs change? Say you want to use a Boart Longyear machine with Atlas Copco drill attachments. Customised modifications can enhance the functionality of any given wear part.

3. Cost

Is cost a driving factor for you? Let’s be honest, the mining industry is cost driven and the accountants want to see a better bottom line every year. EPM’s replacement parts are priced at up to 50% less than OEM, without compromising on quality.

Reverse engineering may be your solution to increased productivity at lower costs. Contact us to get a free quote and allow our team of experienced professionals assist you in achieving more efficient mining operations.